Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Will Render Litigators Obsolete? - Law Firm Business - Strategist

I don't usually re-post articles, but in this case, I just couldn't help myself. I cam across this website.

Will Render Litigators Obsolete? - Law Firm Business - Strategist

Trust and Estate litigation is about half of my practice (the other half is split among probate, estate planning and trust administration). I can't say I feel threatened by this, because the kind of dispute that someone would pick JabberJury to resolve is likely not the kind of dispute that really needs a lawyer, and very probably not the kind of dispute that I would take on as an attorney.

With that said, I think it is a great idea. My heretical thought for the day is that people are often too quick to get lawyers involved, and the lawyers do too much work that provides too little benefit for their clients. Perhaps things like JabberJury will evolve into something really useful.


Mikethelawstudent said...

I'd be surprised if in its present form it really impacted most attorney's client base. but anything is possible. Your 'heretical' thought is an interesting perspective for a lawyer. Ideally, lawyers would have the integrity to turn away people who don't have a legitimate case. Maybe beefing up rule 11 would do the trick.



Alice Wilde said...

I wonder how many lawyers share the same distribution of cases as you do. I found it difficult to find a Florida probate lawyer who just specializes in probate. Anyway thanks for sharing this!

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